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Betting online is a great way to access hundreds of betting markets from home. We all want to find those winning bets to make money, but not everyone goes about it the right way. If you want to enjoy your betting experience to the fullest then it makes sense to give yourself the best chances of making a profit. How do you increase your chances? Betting tools.

You can find a number of betting tools online and these have been designed specifically to assist you in your betting. These tools range from data research to betting calculators to player protection. The overall idea is to bet wiser and you can achieve this by using all the appropriate betting tools at your disposal.

It’s not all about finding the best odds and top value bets though. It’s also about protecting your bankroll and staying in control of your betting. Read on and we’ll take you through all the important betting tools available to you right now. By the end of this guide, you’ll be more organized and placing your bets with confidence.

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The best weapons for an improved bet

Because we always have you covered, Sports Betting Guide has compiled a range of essential betting tools for enhanced bets. They are stockpiled with useful hints on the direction to target your next wager. Forget the misconception that only analysts and experts can utilize these instruments and give yourself the best chance of experiencing profitable gambling with a higher value.

Your Top Online Betting Tools

It’s our aim in this guide to show you the best betting tools out there at the moment and so we’ll start out with the basics. Understanding all the betting terms is essential. It won’t take long for you to get up to scratch with all the important betting language and so this leads us to our first betting tool, the betting glossary:

Betting Glossary

Knowledge is key when it comes to betting and you really should be up to speed with all the standard terms used throughout sportsbook sites and betting platforms. Do you know your accumulator from your lucky 15? Do you know the stake rules when placing an each-way bet? You don’t need to head into the advanced betting terms but understanding the basics and the common bet types will put you in a strong position going forward.

Strategies & Betting Guides

A betting strategy can involve anything from simple money management to identifying big value bets. The one sole reason behind any worthwhile strategy is to maintain value in your betting selections. All too often punters follow the “chalk” bets which are also known as expert picks, but these are not always right and the odds are so low that you would not gain much in return anyway.

Researching basic sports betting strategies should be your first goal and don’t go spending money on any advanced and “guaranteed to win” strategies. Nothing is a guarantee but you can start to make small profits by searching for value bets and ignoring many of the popular opinions. Use basic sports betting strategies to push your betting forward.


Statistics & Historical Data

The internet is a treasure trove of sports betting information and historical data. The bigger sportsbook sites even provide their players with a dedicated section to search through. Recent results, player and team stats, prediction percentages and general betting information can all be used to help you with your betting selections.

Using statistics as a betting tool can be the difference between an educated bet and a hunch, sometimes a hunch works out but studying recent form and any related historical data will always put you in a stronger betting position. One particularly useful piece of information is the head to head data and how teams or players match up against each other.

Do they have a strong rivalry? Does one player or team always come out on top? Little things like this can add up and ultimately lead you to picking out better value bets. Just make sure that you research on sites that update their statistics and data regularly, to ensure that you’re always researching the latest information.

Stats provide useful info on what is going on in a particular sport.  There are several factors that influence a game, but with substantial information, you can figure out from a glance when a bookmaker has overpriced an event.

Betting statistics comprise:

  • Team matchups
  • Compositions
  • Betting trends
  • Latest scores
  • Live odds
  • Game records
  • Injury reports
  • Suspensions (Yellow/Red cards)

Sometimes stats not only tell you where to place a wager but also when not to.

Previews & Summary Reports

The internet is full of sports event preview sites and post-match summary reports and you can use these to your advantage. These sites often provide you with important information about the upcoming event, but the key is to not always go with their prediction. We recommend that you simply take the facts on board and then make up your own mind about the outcome.

You will start to get a good feel for these sites and you’ll soon recognize which of them gives you the information you require, and more importantly which ones you can trust. The bigger sites will keep their social media channels updated and this makes it quick and easy to look at their top previews and summaries at a glance.

Using these sites as a betting tool can give you huge advantages over the bookies, if you use the information wisely. The more information that you hold, the more likely that you will find mispriced markets, and this is where you find your value bets. These value bets are how you build up bigger profits so don’t ignore this betting tool.

Odds Comparison Sites

Browse several online sportsbook sites and you’ll notice a range of odds for the exact same market. Why is this? There are several reasons but a common reason is based around when there is a big influx of bets for one outcome. The site then tries to balance out their books by adjusting the odds for the other outcomes.

It’s also not uncommon for sites to display higher odds on a specific market to attract customers from other bookies. You might even find some sites that simply offer bad odds all round, these types of sites are hoping to attract the unknowing punter who doesn’t recognize the poor value on offer.

This is where the odds comparison betting tool comes in handy. A convenient site that is able to display all the odds for one specific market. You pick and choose your bet and then see which site is currently offering the best odds. In summary and with this tool in mind, it always makes sense to cover yourself and open up accounts at several online sportsbook sites. You can then use the odds comparison tool, find the best odds and head to that site to place your bet.


This helps you take advantage of the highest odds on offer. Every bookmaker sets its own price on a market. Remember, they make use of expert game analysis and come up with odds prices based on that. The difference between the offerings on various sportsbooks may not be huge, but depending on your betting level, it can result in significant amounts over time. Don’t forget to pick up all the welcome and promotional bonuses from each site. Following this betting tool tip soon becomes a win-win situation as you find the biggest profits as well as boosting your betting bankroll along the way.

Odds Comparison Example:

  • If you were online searching for a new pair of trainers, most of us would shop around and find the best price, right? You wouldn’t pay a price at one site when you know you can get it cheaper elsewhere. It’s exactly the same when it comes to betting odds, don’t rest on the odds from one betting site. Look around and find the best price and you’ll get the biggest possible return on your bet.

An odds comparison website or service is a fantastic betting tool. You can get a quick view of various odds for any event and pick the best one. Even if you had a list of all sites available, doing a manual check would be very stressful and time-consuming, so this comes in quite handy.

Betting Calculators

Making efficient use of betting calculators is an important betting tool for all beginners. When making a single bet, you know the amount you expect you receive in winnings. Odds of +180 for the underdog means that for every $100 staked, you get a profit of $180. When it comes to finding out the potential returns of parlay bets, it is not this straightforward. Read up on parlay bets on our bet types article. You require a  parlay bet calculator to deduce this. There are numerous bet calculators on the internet for free, and a few online sportsbooks offer an in-built one. Some are specific, but most are multi-purpose.

With a multi-purpose calculator, all you need to do is select the bet type, then punch in the stake and the odds, and let the calculator calculate. You can find simple calculators that will instantly display your profit from your chosen bet stake. Odds converter calculators will quickly convert odds between different formats, so if you’re unsure on your fractions then enter the odds to display the same bet in decimal format. Here are a few of the potential calculators available:

Advanced Betting Calculators

•   Arbitrage calculator

•   Kelly calculator

•   Parlay calculator

However, you can use these calculators for more than just working out odds. Other uses include:

  • Assessing the bookmaker's profit margin 
  • Finding out the odds to probability ratio 
  • Evaluating your risk and rewards 
  • Working out your dead heat returns (using Dead Heat calculators)

A unique feature is that you can also convert odds from one format to another. Click here to see the three kinds of ways that odds appear. You can change from the American style to the decimal equivalent and vice versa in a matter of seconds.

Player Protection Tools

We briefly touched on this at the start of the guide but it deserves its own section, so let us talk about the betting tools that can be used to manage and control your betting. The number one rule in betting is to manage your bankroll and there are quick and easy steps available to help you achieve this.

All top betting sites will have deposit limit options available to their players and these simply restrict you from depositing over an amount that you personally set. Depending on how often you like to place your bets, you can choose daily, weekly or monthly limits. You are also free to change these limits but there is a 24-hour cooling period before the new limits come into action.

Other betting and player limits are available such as the betting session limit in which you’ll be prompted after you’ve been online for a set amount of time. This gives you a reality check to ensure that you don’t spend too much time online and placing bets. Loss limit and bet limit options also help to keep you betting within your means. You get a prompt when you hit a total loss amount and you can also limit your maximum stake per bet.

Staking Tools

No matter how confident you are about sports betting, at some point, you must have doubted the amount you planned to wager on a game. A quick online search with the keywords should lead you to readily available sites with suitable options to help you decide on the best stake. A popular staking plan is the Kelly Criterion. 

Public money (bets made with limited knowledge of the game and markets) will usually stake on crowd favorites, whereas sharp money (professional sports bets) may decide to go against the crowd. This tool helps you decide when a bet is worth the wager.

Match prediction sites

These sites provide result forecasts for straight wins, under/over totals, spread bets, and correct scores. They apply a risk management strategy to guarantee more profits. Prediction sites cannot consistently beat the bookies, but they do give them a run for their money. They take into consideration every possible outcome and predict the one with the highest probability. Both current and historical data are combined into the process, so it is as accurate as is statistically possible.

You can compare match forecasts with your own opinion to arrive at a more confident betting decision. Most services are free, but you can pay for unique features like betting tips if you'd like.


Bookmaker reviews

It all boils down to the operator. Betting tools all do different jobs and collectively contribute to enhanced bets. Irrespective of this, dealing with a bad operator will end in a bad experience while a good bookmaker will deliver a delightful one.

Reviews contain info on:

  • Bonuses
  • Payment methods
  • Site features
  • Security measures
  • Mobile compatibility
  • Licensing
  • Customer support and 
  • Payout speed

There is really no reason to bet with any bookmaker that does not have an above-average rating at the least. With reviews, you can recognize and avoid scam operators.

Visit our top US bookmakers and sign up with as many as you would like.

How to Beat the bookies by finding hidden value

Bookmakers are very smart. This is no surprise because that is the minimum it takes to excel in this industry. If you think about it, it shouldn't be that hard for punters to do well either; bettors are smart people also. You can earn a decent income if your predictions are correct just a little more than half the time. However, bettors continuously have a hard time grinding out a profit. But did you know you could beat bookies at their own game by fishing out value bets? When an event has higher chances of happening compared to where the bookmaker places it or the odds given, that is a hidden value.

Drill into Live betting

Live betting has got loads of value bets. You need to look for odds that are not adequately valued by the online sportsbook. In the long run, a smart bettor can win against the operator.

A good example is when two teams are equally matched in strength go up against each other. One is set as the heavy favorite and the other, the underdog. The value bet here lies with the underdog. The fluctuations in odds during live play is the best opportunity to take advantage of value bets.

Betting lines that move

Lines move when bookmakers adjust their odds to maintain their profit margins. Some betting lines are almost static; they rarely move, and when they do, the difference is insignificant. Others move significantly, and those are the ones that usually indicate some hidden value.

Statistics over outcomes

The best betting markets are not always match outcomes but match statistics. Betting on the latter guarantees easier chances to win.

  • Bet separately on individual rounds.
  • Go for handicaps
  • Try double chance (choose 2 out of 3 possible outcomes)
  • Ditch the big events

Bookies pay a great deal of attention to major events, and they do not adequately analyze the smaller ones. Hence the odds are prone to inaccuracy. Finding value is a lot easier when you go for smaller games and sports.


Whether you take sports betting very seriously or you are just an occasional punter, you need these tools for the best results. Lucky streaks always come to an end, and the game may become frustrating when you are unable to win. You require the best sports betting tools to make consistent returns. These instruments provide the much-needed help to make the most out of your bets. You can bookmark this page to save the reference.

Online Betting Tools FAQ

  • Can online betting tools help me win more bets?

    es, online betting tools are there to help you and if used correctly then you will have more chances to win. Nothing is guaranteed but these betting tools can help to give you an advantage.
  • Should I pay for online betting tools?

    No, you don’t need to pay for online betting tools. Everything is readily available online via a Google search, so save your money for when you are placing your bets.
  • Which is the most important betting tool for me?

    We recommend that you always search for the best odds available and signing up to multiple betting sites will allow you to do this. Shop around to find the best available odds/