What are the Best Betting Sites in the US?

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The first question anyone would ask when starting with sports betting in the US: Which betting site is the best? In all honesty, this question is harder to answer than you might think. Every single person has different needs and expectations in a betting site. Nevertheless, we believe that we can find the perfect place to bet for each individual. In this article, we will work in the following structure;

  • We explain how you find the best betting sites in US
  • We explain why these betting sites are the best sites available in the US
  • We help you with choosing the perfect betting site for you!

Best betting Sites in the USA

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Table of Contents

How do you find the Best Betting sites in The USA?

You are looking for the right place to bet, you might have seen our list of recommended betting sites, but you still wonder how we came up with this list . To answer how we judge whether a sportsbook is a good fit, we came up with a list of factors. The most common factors we use are the following;


Betting Sites in US with Best Markets

We start with the factor that might be one of the most important, the available markets. Most sports bettors are interested in more than just one sport. The betting site of your preference should cover most of the famous markets. What are the most popular sports to bet on in the US?

  1. Football
  2. Basketball
  3. Baseball
  4. Soccer

Besides the range of sports, there should be some options in different kinds of markets. Ask yourself this question;  

  • Does the betting site offer more than just win, lose, draw, and over/under bets?

Usually; The more diverse the range of available bets, the better the betting site. 

Betting Sites in the US with the Best Odds

Betting odds are significant when it comes to sports betting. We wrote a detailed guide on handling betting odds the right way that we genuinely recommend reading before picking your preferred betting site. In the case of odds on betting sites, you can use this method;

  1. Is this sportsbook specialized in one sport, or does it offer multiple sports?
  2. Are the available odds better than what the competitors offer?
    1. Are these odds better for just one sport or in general?

When you pick a betting site based on the odds, always make sure that the sportsbook offers competitive odds in all markets, not just one particular section.

Betting Sites in The US with the Best Bonuses and Promotions

The best way for betting sites to beat their competition is through bonuses and promotions. You, as a customer, can benefit from all of these different sportsbooks trying to outplay the others. Don’t feel like doing lots of research? We got you covered. Head over to our promotions page and see how you can benefit today. However, when searching for a long-term betting site, you should look at the following criteria;

  • Are the bonuses and promotions focused on new customers or existing customers?
  • How often are the bonuses and promotions renewed?
  • What are the terms and conditions for the available bonuses and promotions?

Betting Sites in The US with the Best Security

You should not underestimate security. It does not matter how big your bets are. Whether it’s ten or ten-thousand dollars you have on your account, security is critical. When you pick a betting site, you can use this checklist;

  • Do you see ‘https’ before the URL in your browser?
  • Can you find any negative users’ feedback online?
  • Does the betting site share their company’s location?
    • Is the betting site regulated in the place that you are betting from?
  • Does the betting site have all the required licenses and/or certificates?
    • Are they allowed to hold your money?
    • Are these licenses and/or certificates still legal this year?

Betting Sites in The US with the Best Banking Options

In exchange for potentially big rewards and tons of entertainment, betting sites want your money. The moment you deposit funds into an account, you become a customer, and that’s what these betting sites want you to do. The process of putting in money should be as simple as possible. How many of these boxes can your preferred betting site check?

In the case of banking options, we would like to refer back to the security category. When you deposit money on a betting site, always make sure it’s a trusted party that has its security measures put into place. 

Betting Sites in The US with the Best Customer Service

You probably know that every now and then, something goes wrong. Your deposit takes longer than expected or you did not receive the bonus that you signed up for, things can go wrong. That’s where the customer service comes in. Ask yourself these questions when picking a betting site;

  • Where can I find the customer service for this betting site?
  • How quickly does the customer service respond?
  • Am I talking to a real person, or is a chatbot helping me?
  • Did the customer service help, and is the problem solved?
  • Through which channels can I contact customer service?
  • What are the opening times of the customer service?

Betting Sites in The US with the Best Technology & Functionality

The feeling a betting site gives you is essential. This sensation starts with the first moment you visit their website. The moment this experience is positive, you might stick to this betting site. To help you make the right decision, we provide a list of questions you can ask yourself when comparing betting sites;

  • How quick is the loading speed of the betting site?
  • Are you distracted by tons of pop-up messages?
  • How is the site’s navigation?
  • Are there any unique features on the site?
  • Is the betting site optimized for mobile devices?


Betting Sites in The US with the Total Package

When you read this article, you know how serious we take choosing the right betting site. You might use a site that has the best odds for basketball, but they have horrible soccer odds, not to speak of the limited banking options. In the end, you want the full package in a sports betting site. Now, there are two things you can do;

  • Scroll through all the sportsbooks you can find and analyze them yourself.

Or, the option that saves you a lot of time and effort;

  • You go to our review page and read all the reviews that we have done on all the betting sites in The US. 

To Conclude

After reading this guide, you have the perfect guidelines to find the betting site that is ideally in line with all your needs and requirements. Are you ready to pick your favorite betting site? This is your time to shine and start your sports betting career. But don’t forget; Before you sign up for the betting site, always check our promotions page to see if you can benefit from any active bonuses or promotions! 

  • You can win by getting lucky, or you can win by betting smart. That’s where we come in.

Best USA Sportsbooks FAQ

  • How do I find the right betting sites in The US?

    We base our judgment of betting sites on many different factors ranging from available markets to user security. Our unbiased reviews can be found on our review page
  • >Why is one betting site better than the other?

    You should look for the full package. One betting site can have outstanding odds but a really slow website. You want the betting site to cover all categories.
  • What are the best betting sites in The US?

    >The best betting sites can vary per person. Everyone has different needs and requirements, but we have created a top list of the best betting sites in The US.