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American express for sports betting

American Express is getting more and more popular. For good reason, as Amex deposits on sportsbooks are handled quickly and easily.


AmEx on sportsbooks - there for you when you need it

Amex (short for American Express) was established back in 1850, and it has come a long way to be considered a reputable and reliable credit card company in the United States. Now, US-based sports bettors may have heard about the low reliability of Amex cards – but rest assured, American Express is still a very popular way of sports betting – especially among non-American punters.

These cards had posed a serious threat for bettors way before sports betting was made legal. This is around the time the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act was passed in 2006. 

Naturally, since new regulations had been passed for credit card transactions, American Express users started reporting more and more complaints.  Consequently, it isn’t easy to find an American express Sportsbook because these businesses started shifting towards the more reliable MasterCard and Visa option.

The Highs and Lows of Choosing Amex for Sports Betting

If you’re planning on betting in online sportsbooks, using an Amex card can be quite hit or miss and here’s why:

American Express is best known because they were the first to introduce travelers’ checks, and these were introduced about a century ago. Now, Amex handles approximately a quarter of all the credit card transactions in America. This company is also known as 1 of the 30 companies that are part of the Dow Jones Industrial Average. 

Non-American American Express bettors have the most to gain from online sportsbooks. Most of these betting websites will gladly accept transactions and payout easily for such clients. There will, however, be some fees and limits on both ends of these transactions, so it is best for non-American bettors to do their homework and read through the terms of payment of each website. 

American bettors, on the other hand, will face some problems while using Amex for sports betting. The best thing you can do to steer clear of these problems is to use financial intermediaries like Neteller or MyPaylinQ. If you go through this channel, your American Express card can easily be used to fund most online sportsbooks

Using financial intermediaries might seem like an extra problem right now, but it has its advantages! If you’re planning using Amex for sports betting, these financial intermediaries will add an extra layer of security between online sportsbooks and your confidential financial information. 

Also, since bettors are going to be paying extra fees to fund their American express Sportsbooks, these websites make sure such clients receive more bonuses to offset their troubles. 

Using Amex for sports betting may seem like an unnecessary hustle, but it has its advantages over MasterCard and Visa.

What to Look For Before Making Amex Deposits

Naturally, it is a good sign if you come across the American Express logo on online sportsbooks in the US. This logo works as an endorsement in itself because Amex would never get involved with the unscrupulous business and would prefer protecting their customers. If you see an Amex logo on a betting website, you can safely assume that they won’t treat you unfairly. 

Rest assured, American express Sportsbooks will always be fully licensed, and a reputable parent company will most likely own them. Nonetheless, try researching each online sportsbook on your own. When you do this, you will also be able to compare the different perks and financial incentives of each website, such as free bets, promotions, bonuses, and loyalty programs. 

Since Amex betting websites are among the largest online sportsbooks in the world, they will offer you a large variety of sports to try your luck on. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for European league basketball, Formula 1, Arena football, World Series, or World Cup events – you will find it all on American Express Sportsbooks. 

Making a Deposit and Withdrawals on American Express Sportsbooks

As is the case with most deposit methods in most online sportsbooks, American Express withdrawals and deposits are quite fast and secure. All you will have to do is click on the website’s deposit options and then pick their Amex banking method. 

If the transaction isn’t blocked, your money will be credited into your account within a few seconds. It is, however, customary for online sportsbooks to complete their identification and verification process before accepting any deposit. Of course, this is done to protect your confidential financial data. Withdrawals can take up to 5 business days to show up in your bank account. 

The Advantages of Using Amex on Online Sportsbooks

Reputation and Security

People are always cautious about online deals, and most aren’t even sure about the reliability of financial companies. American Express provides sports bettors with both a well-know reputation and safety measures. Since they have been in the industry for quite some time now, they are well-experienced in protecting their customers from the dangers of online transactions.

Convenience & Instant Transfers

This is another essential factor. American Express transactions are very easy, and the best thing about them is that you can do all your transactions right at home.

Withdrawals times are fairly quick as opposed to other credit card companies because Amex transactions are processed almost instantly.

No Third-Party Involvement

Like all the other card issuers, Amex transactions are kept strictly between the bank and your favorite online sportsbooks. This also means that you don’t need e-wallets and other intermediaries to facilitate your transaction.

American Express For Sports Betting FAQs

  • Why Bet Online with Amex?

    This is a fair question since land-based bookies still exist. Well, most online sports bettors choose mobile or desktop sportsbooks because they don’t have to go out whenever they want to make a bet. Other than this, online sportsbooks have plenty of betting advantages over land-based sportsbooks like low minimum stakes and bonuses that boost your bankroll. Also, betting online is just so much more convenient for our busy modern lifestyles.
  • How Do I Register to An Online Sportsbook with Amex?

    If you’re interested in registering for an account, it’s probably not going to be as difficult as you imagined. Just register as usual, and afterwards check the Amex box as your payment method
  • Are there any downsides to using American Express?

    As mentioned above if the poker site views an American Express deposit as a cash advance you will likely pay a higher interest rate and fees for it. You are also subject to your own personal AmEx credit limit and must make your minimum payments to keep your card active. It’s not very likely you’ll be able to process a poker site withdrawal to your AmEx card. On the upside, though, most poker sites have waived any extra fees for depositing with your American Express card.

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