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Learn How To Bet On Sports With Our Sports Betting Guides Here

Betting on sports can be a lot of fun but it’s no fun when you’re losing. Here at Sports Betting Guide, our aim is to educate our readers about the best betting options possible in order to turn a profit. We’ve created a huge list of betting guides to help you get started with more informed betting decisions and on this page, we’ll dig deeper into the best sports to bet on and an overview of our in-depth sports betting guides.

What Are The Best Sports To Bet On

This is a debatable topic as the best sports to be on would be the ones you are most familiar with. However, the best sports to bet on don’t necessarily mean they’re the easiest. Action-packed sports tend to be the favorites amongst punters as they deliver a thrill like no other. If you’re a casual punter looking for excitement, football, basketball, and hockey are some of the best sports to bet on. Although, if carefully analyzed, these sports hold potential for great profits.

Odds play a significant role when deciding on which sport to bet on. The more competitive the games are, the better the odds will be and a simple parlay bet could potentially return dividends Also, very competitive sports like the ones mentioned above have a wide range of bets available, both pre-match and in-play, which makes them more attractive to wager on.

Combat sports like boxing and UFC draw big crowds and punters have been wagering on combat before bookmakers were operating legally. Boxing and UFC are regarded by many as some of the most thrilling events to bet on.

What Are The Easiest Sports To Bet On?

While making money from sports betting is no easy feat, there are sports that are easier than others to wager on. Individual sports tend to be easier to follow than team sports and you’ll be able to keep track of all the participants far better than you would in team sports. Knowing all the details is paramount to success which is why tennis, boxing, UFC, and golf are some of the easier sports to bet on.

From the sports mentioned above, boxing and UFC don’t have any external factors to consider when making your betting decisions. For instance, in tennis, there are weather conditions, surface preference, and weaknesses to take into account while golf is greatly affected by the wind and rain. These minor details are the differences between rookie and pro punters and the differences between profits and losses.

  • Pro TIp: If you’re looking for an easy sport to bet on, choose ones where heavy favorites dominate the competitions and for improved odds when backing favorites, pick match handicaps for better odds. Being aware of what’s out there is very important and the type of bets you place will play a role in how easy a bet might seem.

NBA Betting Guide

We've got a dedicated basketball and NBA betting guide that will help you on your road to building a bigger bankroll. Get familiar with all the bet types available, how to avoid rookie mistakes and information you should be considering before placing your first bet.

Whether you’re new to NBA betting or are an experienced punter, there’s always room for improvement and our in-depth NBA betting guide is designed to help you become a better punter. We also recommend the best betting sites for betting on the NBA.

NFL Betting Guide

To make a profit from NFL betting, you’ll need knowledge of the sport and bet types as well as a good strategy that takes advantage of all possibilities. You’ll need to know when it’s advantageous to bet against the spread, placing a moneyline wager and how to find value.

Our dedicated football betting guide will delve deeper into these topics and will also include tips on money management, NFL parlay betting, and plenty of examples with different betting scenarios that will help you find value bets.

UFC Betting Guide

UFC holds great potential for profits as it’s one of the easier sports to follow, however, knowledge alone is not going to make you better at UFC betting. In our detailed UFC betting guide, we’ll cover the different ways to bet, when it’s beneficial to bet in-play, betting strategies as well as recommendations to the betting sites that have the best UFC odds.

In our UFC betting guide, we also cover technical fighting information to help you learn the ropes quicker, such as fighting styles, the effect of title fights, and the different ways of how fights can end.

MLB Betting Guide

There are a huge number of games played in the MLB, which means plenty of betting opportunities, and if you’re keen to learn more, head over to our baseball betting guide where we’ll cover the basics along with in-depth betting strategies.

Our baseball betting guide will help you discover when it’s best to bet on the lines, totals, or against the spread and also includes the latest news and match previews to help you stay up to date in the ever-changing baseball world. You’ll also find the bookmakers offering the best odds on baseball.

Horse Racing Betting Guide

Horse racing could be an intimidating sport to bet on to the newcomer but in our horse betting guide, we’ll cover all there is to know about the tracks, what factors to consider, the huge range of bet types available, the different parlays as well as how odds work in race racing.

Closer to the event we’ll be covering the Kentucky Derby in our Kentucky Derby betting guide to give you an in-depth analysis of the race, the horses, and the jockeys for a better chance of making a profit.

Golf Betting Guide

Unsure of how to bet on golf? Head over to our dedicated golf betting guide which covers all there is to know about golf betting, what factors affect the game, and the different bets available to place. You’ll also find news and previews for all the major tournaments including a masters betting guide to help you cash in on major golf tournaments.

So, if you’re looking to sharpen your golf betting skills or are a newbie to the game, our golf and masters betting guide will help you on your road to success.

NHL Betting Guide

NHL is fast-paced and full of action and is one of the most exciting sports to bet on. Being successful in NHL betting requires a solid strategy as the league is hyper-competitive and our thorough NHL betting guide is the perfect tool designed to help you boost your profits.

The guide covers sport-specific bets such as the puck line wagers as well as online bookmakers who have the best odds for betting on the NHL. Once familiar with the guide contents, you’ll be in a far better position to make more informed betting decisions which lead to profits.

Soccer Betting Guide

Soccer tends to have the most betting options out of all sports and if you know the game, there is potential for huge profits. We compiled a detailed soccer betting guide that covers pre-match strategies as well as in-play tips to help you place the perfect bets, build the best parlays possible and help cash out at the right time.

In soccer, research and knowledge of all the bet types are paramount to success so it’s important to know who to bet a totals bet on, how to make first-half profits and which players to bet on to get carded.


Here at Sportsbettingguide.com, our aim is to help you become a better punter, improve your betting skills and discover online bookmakers with the best betting odds. There’s something for everyone, so if you prefer betting on individual sports or more into team sports, we’ve got you covered!