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Online Sports Betting Strategy for Baseball 

Welcome to our online betting guide for baseball. Be prepared for the best strategies, tips, and tricks that’ll increase your winning percentages. Baseball is a sport that has sentimental value to pundits, as it's one of the oldest sports to come out of America. Baseball is yet to get the worldwide appeal but it is an amazing sport to bet on here in America. The 1000s of games played in baseball over the year make it a great sport to really rack up your bankroll and make some serious cash. Let’s begin our betting guide and hope you hit a few home runs betting online.

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Beginning Your Online Sports Betting Journey

In the US, there are some of the best online sportsbooks available to our readers. You can find these sportsbooks in our top-ranked lists here on our website. We recommend browsing the top 5 online sportsbooks we have to offer so you can get the best experience possible. The top online sportsbook comes with the best bonuses and promotions so check them out to find the best fit for you. We also cover betting strategies for many other sports like soccer, football, rugby, horse racing, F1, Boxing, and many more sports. So make sure to check them out if you’re new to online sports betting.

Here are the exact things you need to know to become successful as a baseball bettor

Betting is one thing, but winning is another. As we do in our other betting strategy guide articles, we want to give you the tools you need to win. These tips do not include calculations on probability which, for inexperienced bettors, do more to confuse them than provide any help. Instead of taking an analytical approach like the experts, the primary concern here is finding simple ways to make the most out of baseball betting.  With thousands of fixtures available throughout the year, there is so much to choose from and even a little bit of insight goes a long way in putting you on the right path. This insight can be gained from this guide!


Learn the the basic rules of the game

Baseball is a straightforward bat and ball game with 9 members on two opposing teams. The starting pitcher on the fielding team throws a ball that the hitter on the batting team tries to hit with a bat and subsequently scores a run. The teams switch between offense and defense (batting and fielding), and one turn of each makes around. A round is known as an inning, and there are 9 innings in total.

Types of baseball bets

Baseball fixtures are a staple in online sportsbooks. To get started, choose a good betting site, as one of our recommended online sportsbooks and sign up. The three basic types of bets are Money Line betting, Run line betting, and Totals.

Money Line Bet

The money line bet is the easiest bet to understand. This bet means you’ll stake money on the team you think is going to win. You’ll only be able to bet on the favorite team or the underdog team, it’s that easy. These matches will have odds with 3 digits. Each digit will have a + or - before the number. For the underdog, the number after the plus (+) sign indicates the amount to be won when you place a $100 bet. While for the favored team, the number after the minus sign is the amount you have to bet to win back $100. If you are already an avid sports bettor, this is similar to straight wins on other sports, although the setup is a bit peculiar. Here’s an example of what you can expect;

  • Yankees: -120
  • Red Sox: +180 

If you place a bet of $120 on the Yankees as the favorite you’ll win $220. This is because -120 odds mean for every $120 you bet you’ll win $100. If you place $100 on the Red Sox to win, your total payout will be $280. You’ll get back your $100 + $180 winnings. Making a bet on the underdog can bank you a lot of money. Just remember that the risk of losing is much higher when you bet on the underdog. Another example is as follows:

  • Pennsylvania Phillies -130 (stake $130 to win $100)
  • Pittsburgh Pirates +120 (stake $100 to win $120)

This is the best way to begin your betting on baseball journey!

Run Line Bets

Run Line betting can be really exciting as it gets you more involved in the game. In Run Line betting you’ll need to guess if your team is going to score a certain amount of runs. This being more or less than the other team. In this bet, you’ll also get a + and a - referring to the underdog and favorite mentioned earlier. Pundits like to bet of a 1.5 or 4.5. This means they prefer to bet on a smaller spread of 1.5 runs or a bigger spread of 4.5 runs difference. We will give examples of 1.5 runs. 

  • Yankees: -1.5 (-150)
  • Red Sox: +1.5 (+130)

If you place a bet on the Yankees, a -150 favorite. A $150 bet will land you $100, which is a total payout of $250. To win this bet the Yankees need to win by 2 runs minimum. If you place a bet on the Red Sox, a +130 underdog. A $100 bet will land you $130 profit and a total payout of $230. To win this bet the Red Sox need to lose by less than 2 runs or win the game.

These are special baseball bets that are based on the number of runs that separate the winning and losing team. They are a popular betting option for lovers of the game. Run line bets range from 1.5 -4.5 with the most common being the 1.5. A -1.5 run line means that you predict the favored team to win by 2 or more runs, whereas a +1.5 line means that you anticipate the underdog to lose by no more than one run or to win the game. A useful tip when betting on favorites is to opt for a run line bet over a money line bet; you will get greater value for your money.

Over and Under Bets

This type of bet is great for newcomers. The object of the bet is in its name, to bet over or under the specific value of the total number of runs scored at the end of the game. The online sportsbook will set a specific number for you to bet on. So, for instance, let’s place a bet on the Red Sox vs Yankee scoring more than 10.5 runs together. This means you’ve placed an over bet. Both teams need to score 11 runs combined for this to be a winning bet. If you place an under bet on the 10.5 runs, then the combined scoreline needs to be below 10 runs to win. For example, you will find options like Over/Under 6.5; an over win happens when the total score is 7 or more while an under win occurs when the score is 6 or less.


This type of bet is extremely rewarding however, it comes with the highest risk. A parlay bet is where you put multiple teams on the same betting slip. This increases the odds as you’re multiplying the bets together. If the online sportsbook gives this option and you want to bet on two teams, it’s a great option to add them together on the same slip.  

This is a complex bet and a combination of totals, money lines, and run line bets. As a combination bet, a parlay is a very high-risk bet; you receive a more substantial payout if your bet is successful, but the catch is that if one pick loses, you lose the entire bet.

With parlays, You can add up to 10 bets, and with every added one, the odds shoot up drastically. This type of bet offers the chance to take home jackpot-sized winnings; however, it is difficult to hit all bets in a parlay. Parlays can contain Totals, Money Line and Run Line bets.

Future Bets

If you would like to predict winners of future matches and tournaments, then this is the best bet for you. With future bets, you can wager on events that are yet to take place. Typical options here include:

  • World series winners
  • The MVP of the season
  • Division winners and the likes.

As you can imagine, these are high-risk bets, so they are accompanied by high payouts.

Prop Bets

Apart from the bet types listed above, there are loads of other bets that make for good entertainment. Proposition bets are usually very uncertain but are backed up by pretty good odds. You get options like:

  • Which pitcher will have the most strikeouts
  • What will be the longest time run hit
  • The first player to score a run

First Five Innings

A great way for bettors to not worry about relief pitchers: since most starting pitchers usually last about five innings, you only have to rely on these elites to influence the score. Bets in this category will only count for the first five innings, nothing more.


Baseball betting strategies that will give you the edge

Simply knowing what kinds of bets are available doesn’t help that much if you actually want to go home a winner. To make the best of your bets, you need to have proven betting strategies. Here are my favorite baseball betting strategies.

Betting against the favorite

This is a great option but can be risky. All games in all sports are unpredictable at times. Betting on the underdog in baseball is no exception. The odds for this bet can be really high, and give amazing payouts. The favorite in baseball can have the worst odds, some reaching -200 which isn’t too great if you’re looking to win big money. Placing a bet on a favorite with a -200 can cause you to lose a lot of cash. That’s why betting on heavy favorites is a big no for pundits.

Apply a simple betting strategy to make profits

We have run through the bets you will come across in any online baseball betting site, now seeing as decisions are a huge factor in everything we do in life, making the right betting choices can make or break your gambling experience. 

Luck plays a major role because we can't control the outcomes of a game, but a good plan will take you that much farther, and when betting for money, your goal is to win. This article would not be complete without a list of strategies that can increase your chances of winning.

Browse the best odds

Being loyal to a single sportsbook could earn you loyalty bonuses, but it may not be the most profitable option for you. With increased potential winnings and numerous welcome bonuses, trying out new sites has many benefits. It is a very diverse market and online sportsbooks are never scarce, so take the leap out of your comfort zone and you might be rewarded.

Know the Team

It’s best to brush up on your knowledge of the team. Look into how strong the team is. If they are a defensive or offensive team. This can help with making under/over bets and run line bets easy. Some of the best batters and pitchers on the team might be injured, so looking at injuries is a must for all games. It can totally change the dynamic of the game. They might score fewer runs or concede more runs.

Don't follow the crowd

Most times, favorites may seem like the safest bet just because they are on a continuous winning streak, and bettors flock towards that direction without thinking twice. Bookmakers are aware of this and try to make the most profit out of punters who sheepishly follow the crowd. By staying updated on the latest news, you can know when a team will probably run out of luck after making consecutive wins.

Avoid major league rivalries

Our expert advice is to steer clear of matches between teams of equal strength, that have long been rivals. These sorts of games are the most uncertain and have had high rates of losses for bettors. There is also a lot of emotion involved, so fans tend not to make a rational decision and end up paying for it.

Home Advantages and Weather

Having a home advantage can really help a team out. Playing at home with the fans cheering a team on can really have a positive impact. Players perform better at home than away. The weather is also an interesting option to look into. If it’s a windy day and the wind is blowing into the batter, it's harder to hit a home run. If the wind is blowing away from the batter then it’s easier to score a home run. You’d only be able to know this if you were at the game to check wind direction. So it might be a good idea to head out to a few games.

Be mindful of external factors

The most significant external factor that poses a hindrance to the outcome of a game is the weather. A baseball match can be brought to an abrupt end in the event of unfavorable weather conditions, and this affects your bets. 

A total bet cannot be redeemed if the game does not complete all 9 innings. Temperature, humidity, and wind speed also affect the outcome of the game. Higher temperatures promote the speed of travel of the ball. The more humid the air, the thinner it is and the faster the ball. With the wind blowing in the same direction as the hit, the ball travels further and vice versa.

Timed betting

This is a strategy that transcends the baseball sphere; it can be considered a universal rule because it works with all other sports as well. To make the highest profit, when betting on favorites, place your wager early on during the week. Conversely, when betting on the underdog, wait till the very last minute to place your bet because that is when the odds will be at their highest.

Bankroll management

Money management is one of the most critical factors for long-term success. Chasing your loss can be tempting when you hit a particularly bad streak. Doubling down might sound sensible when you are seemingly unbeatable. 

We recommend a flat-rate approach. Decide on the percentage of your bankroll that you are willing to bet. A decent rate can be found between 1% and 5%, depending on how much risk you are ready to take. After setting this bar, stick with it for every bet.

We also recommend avoiding parlays or futures. As appealing as they look, the odds of winning are astronomical and not worth it most of the time. Stay with single games, it's already hard enough to win one wager, let alone two or three at the same time. 

Many states have made it possible to bet legally on Major League Baseball and there are definitely more to come in the future, for example in Florida, where Marlins fans would love the extra action. The US states who offer legal MLB betting so far you'll find here:#

  • Arkansas
  • Colorado
  • Delaware
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Michigan
  • Mississippi
  • llinois
  • Montana
  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey
  • New Mexico
  • New York
  • Nevada
  • Oregon
  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island
  • Tennessee
  • Virginia
  • Washington DC
  • West Virginia

Things to Avoid

A few things to avoid are getting emotionally invested in games. This can lead to silly decisions, by betting on the team you support even though they are a heavy underdog or heavy favorite. We also recommend that you don't start betting huge to recuperate losses. This is how many players end up losing more of their bankroll than they want to. If you feel like you’re doing this it's best to take some time off from online sports betting. You can always come back after a few days, it can help to stop losses from being too big.



There are many types of bets to make on baseball with varying strategies you can use. The 1000s of games being played all year round mean you have plenty of betting options. Baseball may not be a worldwide sport, but here in America, we know it's an amazing game to play and watch so why not bet on it. We hope this guide has given you an insight into strategies for baseball and helps you with your journey. We recommend you check out our favorite online sportsbooks here, found on our top-ranked lists. 

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Baseball Betting FAQ

  • Is it safer to bet on Run Lines or Totals?

    Either one can be deemed a safer bet depending on the teams that are playing. Effectively, there are always risks involved, but when a strong team is going up against a weaker one, a Run Line bet could be safer, whereas with equally matched teams, the Totals bet may be a better option.
  • Is it safer to bet on Run Lines or Totals?

    Either one can be deemed a safer bet depending on the teams that are playing. Effectively, there are always risks involved, but when a strong team is going up against a weaker one, a Run Line bet could be safer, whereas with equally matched teams, the Totals bet may be a better option.
  • Are there bonuses for online baseball betting

    Every sportsbook gives various bonuses when you sign up with them. Baseball is one of the popular sports, so bonuses always apply to this gaming option as well. Check our top online sportsbook to claim the best bonuses and boost your online betting bankroll!
  • When is the best time to start baseball betting?

    There are match fixtures all year round, but the best time to get the most out of baseball betting is when the season is in full swing. Teams tend to have a somewhat unstable start and grow more confident as they advance.
  • Which bets can I add in a Parlay?

    Although Money Line bets are a common choice, in a parlay, you can pick a combination of Totals, Money Line and Run Line bets.
  • What's the best type of bet in baseball?

    There is no such thing as the best type of bet in baseball. Most of them depend on your knowledge of the game to decide which one you like best. It is wise to avoid bets with extremely high lines, like parlay or future bets.
  • My online bookmaker shows my bet is a push; what does this mean?

    This means that your spread bet was tied. Neither the sportsbook or you won the bet, so your money will be returned to your online wallet.
  • Can I only bet on Major League Baseball?

    While there are options to bet on minor leagues, they are hard to find. Not all sportsbooks offer these markets. We suggest sticking to the major league, seeing that a plethora of games is available for bets.
  • Will I Win all the time if I use betting strategies for baseball?

    You’re not guaranteed to win every bet, even if you make an educated guess on who will win the game. This is because games are unpredictable and huge upsets and random score lines can come up.