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Experience More Fun And Excitement Betting With Fantasy And Virtual Sports 

Have you tried your luck betting on all traditional sports there is to bet on? Are you looking for more variety and more excitement? Do you think the sports betting industry has nothing more to offer? If you answered yes to those questions, then you must not have heard of fantasy sports and virtual sports yet.

Here at Sports Betting Guide, we make sure we stay true to our commitment to giving you all options to have fun and earn money through sports betting. We don’t just stop at presenting sports betting guides to classic sports such as football, baseball, and the likes. That’s why we now introduce you to two more types of sports you can bet on: Fantasy sports and virtual sports betting.

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What Are Fantasy Sports?

Fantasy sports are a form of online games where you create virtual teams to play traditional sports, like football, basketball, and others. Like in real sports, the team owner (you) gets to draft, trade, and drop players. These players are the virtual counterparts of the real ones. In fantasy sports, you do not just choose a team and bet on it, you get to create a team of your own. Cool, isn’t it?

Your created virtual team will compete against other virtual teams created by either your friends or people from around the US. The winner will be based on your virtual players’ performance in the competition. So, you must be careful when drafting players.

There is a point system in place, and your drafted players will score points by completing plays. The accumulated points will be totaled by the end of each match. The owner of the virtual team that has a higher total point wins the game.

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What Sports Are Included In Fantasy Sports?

Fantasy sports dates back to the 1950s. During those times, the game is played among friends and family members. Thanks to the internet, it became known all over the globe. With its growing popularity and following, more and more sports now have virtual games available for players anywhere in the world.


Hands down, the most popular and most played sport in the world of fantasy sports is football. You get to create your own professional American football team and be their manager. With fantasy football, you will start by participating in a draft to choose your rosters. You’ll have all the pertinent professional NFL players to choose from.

During the competition, you’ll score points based on your players’ actual statistics on the real NFL games. So, it is best to keep yourself informed on who are the well-performing players in the real game.


Fantasy baseball shares the same popularity with football in fantasy sports. Just like fantasy football, you’ll be the manager of a fictional baseball team. You’ll choose your team members from the virtual counterpart of real league baseball players. You then compete against other participants’ fantasy baseball teams. Again, the players’ statistics in real-life will be the basis of scoring during the fantasy game.


Another established fantasy sport is basketball. With fantasy basketball, you get to be the team owner or manager of a virtual NBA team. You’ll draft the virtual counterpart of real professional NBA players. Your fantasy basketball team will then compete against other fantasy teams through fantasy sports betting sites. Your drafted players will score points by completing basketball plays like free throws, assists, and 3-pointers.


The games listed above are three of the most played and most popular ball games in fantasy sports. However, that doesn’t mean that you only have those three to choose from. Below are some more sports that you can wager on fantasy sports. All of these sports have the same concept as fantasy football, baseball, and basketball.

When Can You Bet On Fantasy Sports?

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Whatever kind of fantasy sports you choose, it will have the same concept. It always starts with forming a fantasy team and drafting players. The competition and betting follow. Thus, your betting adventure begins with the draft.

A fantasy sport runs on the same season its real-life sport counterpart runs. If you want to bet on fantasy baseball, the Major Baseball League runs from late March or early April until about late September or early October.

As for the National Football League, the regular season starts on the weekend after the first Monday of September. The season will then end by December or January. This is the best time for you to bet on fantasy football.

With football and baseball alone, you’ll have an all-year-round schedule of fantasy sports to bet on. Add to that the other fantasy sports, and you can kiss goodbye your boredom on sports betting.

If you don’t like to bet on season-long fantasy sports, then daily fantasy sports betting might be best for you. This is a variation of the original fantasy sports betting and is getting more and more popular nowadays. With daily fantasy sports, you’ll participate in competitions for a shorter period of time. You can earn money on a daily basis provided you do your betting right.

With all the sports you can choose from and the daily fantasy sports variation, you’ll never run out of fun-field ways to earn a lot of money betting in fantasy sports.

Fantasy sports is just one way to enjoy your favorite sports in a new way, but did you know there is another way? Virtual sports.

The Future of Virtual Sports

Virtual sports have been around for a while, and people’s ever-growing fascination for anything virtual-related gives this kind of sports ample room to find its way on the mainstream. The virtual sports developers are constantly improving the game to keep up with technological advancement. Due to this, you can expect virtual sports to keep getting better as time goes on.

You might even see virtual players that look just like the real players and move the same way too. That would be awesome. Don’t you think so? It sure is something to look forward to. If virtual sports manage to keep up with the fast-paced world we now live in, they have a bright future ahead of them.

Fantasy Sports FAQ

  • When is the best time to draft players for fantasy sports?

    As we have mentioned earlier, your fantasy sports betting begins with drafting. Ideally, the time to draft players is close to the start of the regular season of your chosen sport. Do not cram on the eve of the beginning of the season though. Do your draft a couple of days or a week before.
  • How do I choose the best players to draft for my fantasy sports team?

    ecause points are based on players’ statistics on the real game, you should know who are the best players to draft for the season. Keep yourself updated with the players’ performance in your chosen sport. That way, you will be able to make informed decisions when it’s time for you to do your draft.
  • re virtual sports the same as esports?

    Oftentimes, virtual sports and esports are mistaken as one and the same. However, they are two different kinds of made-up sports with distinct features that set them apart. Esports have players that control the game. Virtual sports are a simulation of races or games that you can place your bet on.