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Everything you need to know about Loyalty Programs and VIP Schemes in US sports betting.

Loyalty and VIP programs come in many forms and vary from one online bookmaker to the next and apart from the perks of being a member, there are other benefits of staying loyal to one bookmaker.

Loyalty Programs and VIP Schemes are a relatively new matter in the sports betting industry. For a long time, it has been something primarily associated with online casinos.

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However, the American market of sports betting is developing rapidly, becoming a pretty competitive field for bookmakers. Today, more and more US Sports Betting Industry professionals are adopting and discovering the benefits of Loyalty Programs and VIP Schemes in this market.

Those matters appear to be particularly lucrative for those customers who either tend to place large bets or accumulate a significant volume of bets in a short period. In other words – those, who take the industry seriously and wish to immerse in it, gaining the most from the experience.

IOn this page, we shall discuss what the Loyalty Programs and VIP Schemes are, their bonuses, the difference between them, and ways to add extra value to your bets through them.

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What are Loyalty Programs and VIP Schemes?

Technically, loyalty programs in the US sports betting industry work the same as they do in any other market. Those are bonuses a customer gets for placing the bets, preferably on a particular website.

The program may start applying to you either after using the same platform for a certain period of time or according to the value of your bets.

The loyalty rewards you will be getting from those programs, and VIP Schemes and the way you receive them will also vary from one portal you are using. Some of them use a point system and assign them to your account according to the value of your wager or losses. Others technically offer their customers a cash-back system.

Loyalty rewards, bonuses, and the difference between them

There are several types of loyalty reward systems. Although their principles are pretty similar, knowing the difference between them will help you find the most comfortable and transparent betting portal for you.

  • Points – it is the most common system in the US sports betting market. However, each portal may have its point issue system. Some depend on the volume of bets and losses; others are based on the frequency of plays or consider the amount of money wagered on each particular bet;
  • Cashback – another popular system that rewards a player according to the volume of losses on bets. Sometimes cash backs are available for specific periods of time or volumes. However, they always depend on how much a user bets;
  • Tiers – those Loyalty Rewards programs also utilize the principles of points and cash backs. They assign users tiers according to parameters like time spent on the platform, the amount and value of bets, etc. Later on, those programs provide rewards according to players` tiers. Except for variable cash back and point assignment formulas, they often include additional bonuses such as merchandise, gift cards, ticket discounts, etc.;
  • Prizes – this system rewards users with specific bonuses in exchange for previously earned points. This principle is incredibly vivid and may vary from basic merchandise such as t-shirts and baseball caps to tickets for major games and vacation packages;
  • Free Bets – it is a popular loyalty reward bonus that may either be given when you achieve a specific tier or due to activity anniversaries or even national holidays;
  • Enhanced Odds – this loyalty reward system sometimes allows users to change the line tremendously, moving the odds for the contest in a preferred direction.
Loyalty and VIP Schemes at Online Bookmakers

Advantages of being part of a VIP Program and Loyalty Schemes.

Many players mistakenly think that Loyalty Programs and VIP Schemes are the same as various bonuses often offered on betting platforms for things like signing up and making the first deposit.

However, there are specific differences that show the advantages of being a part of a Loyalty Program.

· Constant growth. As long as your tier is rising, the amount and value of bonuses you receive are increasing. Eventually, you get a much bigger cash-back or more points for the same action you might have done a year before;

· Access to VIP packages. Loyalty Programs and VIP Schemes give you access to limited packages. Those may include merchandise and rewards inaccessible for regular users that are not a part of the VIP program;

· Fewer-to-none restrictions. While regular bonuses often have pretty severe limits and restrictions such as availability periods or requirements that must be met before withdrawing any of the money, VIP Program participants always enjoy the most preferable conditions

Best Loyalty Programs and VIP Schemes on today’s market.

BetMGM – The program awards points for each qualifying bet, which can be exchanged in the Loyalty Store. VIP Customers may enjoy personalized offers and bonus packages at all MGM Resort Casinos, depending on the tier status. In addition, players earn Tier Credits per wager, which significantly boosts their tier level

William Hill – the loyalty programs allow VIP customers to obtain weekly free bets for a certain amount of stakes. WilliamHill is one of the oldest bookmakers in the business and has a wealth of experience in taking care of key players, so you can rest assured they’ll reward your loyalty.

Final Thoughts

The introduction of Loyalty Programs and VIP Schemes concept into the sports betting industry was only a question of time. Most betters naturally choose one preferable platform and place most of their wagers on it. As long as the field is becoming more and more competitive, bookmakers have to come with lucrative perks and moves that would make their platforms most attractive and, therefore - profitable.

As for the players themselves, Loyalty Programs and VIP Schemes are a way to get the most out of your betting experience and take it to a whole new level enjoying benefits and perks unavailable for newcomers and common dwellers.

That way, serious players enjoy all the benefits of their experience, while the platform receives loyal users that contribute significantly to their development and revenue.

Loyalty Program & VIP Scheme FAQ

  • How much do I need to deposit to become a VIP player?

    The requirements for becoming a VIP player vary from one bookmaker to the next and most of the time VIP programs are divided into tiers, with each tier having its own exclusive benefits.
  • Why can’t I find many VIP programs?

    Online sports betting is very new to the United States and some states are very new to the scene. It takes some time to build long-lasting relationships with players, which means as time goes by, you’ll be witnessing new and better quality loyalty programs.
  • How can I know if a VIP program is any good?

    The number of rewards, points, and giveaways are the first signs of a quality VIP program, but the ones which are a level above the rest are the ones with dedicated VIP managers and extraordinary gifts, however, you’ll need to be a top-tiered VIP player for those kinds of benefits.