Handball Betting Guide

For Beginner

Handball has recently become quite a popular sport, captivating the world with the advanced running and exceptional hand skills needed to score goals using a hand-sized ball. The sport is popular in countries such as the United States, Hungary, Germany, France, and Spain. The popularity of the sport rose during the 2019 world cup and now sees several pundits placing bets on the sports. The recent 2021 world cup saw massive popularity with millions of people watching on T.V. Winners of the tournament were Denmark with 2nd place being awarded to Sweden. 

Placing bets on handball is a fun and enjoyable experience especially if you love watching the game live. Betting can be carried out on several sportsbooks recommended on our website here at SportsBetting Guide. Ensure to sign up using our links to get the best bonuses and promotions at the top online sportsbooks. With that being said, let’s get stuck into the sport of handball and give you some great betting tips.

The Basic Principles of Handball 

Handball is one of the easiest sport in the world to understand and a hard sport to become a pro at. The game involves 2 teams where each team tries to score the highest number of goals while trying to not concede any goals. There’s no limit to the number of goals a team can score and a draw can occur when the final scoreline is level. It’s quite similar to football however players use their hands and there are variations to the rules.

A typical handball match lasts 60 minutes and is split into 2 halves both 30 minutes each. The courts have a specific size of 40 by 20 meters, which is equivalent to 131 by 66 ft. The most popular tournament for handball is the world cup which has 32 teams playing to become champions of the world. Smaller tournaments include the EHF Champions League, Olympic Games, and IHF World Handball Championships. The pinnacle of any sports is playing at the world cup and winning the title or picking up a gold medal at the Olympics.

Betting on the sport is also fun as games are pretty short. You can sit and watch the whole game in suspense thinking if you’re going to win a hundred or even thousands if your team pulls off the win. There aren’t as many bets to place as you’d find on football or soccer. However, there are still several betting options available. So let’s give you a run-through on the handball betting options available in the next few sections. 

Why bet online on Handball?

There are several opportunities for gamblers to make money betting on handball. The markets for the sport are good and if you know what you’re doing the rewards can easily outweigh the risks. Betting online on handball provides many advantages over going to your traditional brick and mortar establishments. Here are a few of those advantages:

  • Place handball bets from the comfort of your home 
  • Quick deposit and withdrawal times 
  • Play on your mobile devices
  • In-play betting options 
  • 60-minute games, so you won’t be bored waiting around. 

Placing bets on handball is simple when you sign up for the recommended online sportsbooks provided here at SportsBettingGuide. The recommended sportsbooks are 100% legitimate and have gambling licenses awarded by the state. The bonuses and promotions are top-notch, so you’ll get the best experience possible, and who can say no to free money? 

Types of Bets — What Bets Can You Find in Handball

The betting market for handball isn’t saturated with 100s of betting options. Instead, it has a smaller market which is in every way a perfect sport for newbies who want to go into betting. So, here’s a list of the markets available:

  • Match Betting 
  • Under / Over Betting
  • Handicap Betting
  • Prop Betting 

The difficulty level of placing bets on handball is easy. Anyone can learn how the game is played by watching one game. The bets are easy to understand and with the right betting guide like this one in your reading, winning bets can be placed. 

Match Betting 

The match bet is betting on the team you want to win. You can place a bet on team 1 or team 2 to win. There will also be an option to place a bet on the game ending in a draw. The match bet can also be placed while the game is being played, odds will vary as the sportsbook will change them depending on which team is playing better. An example of a match bet would be as follows:

  • You place a bet on Germany to win the match. The odds are 7/1. This means if you place a bet of $10 and Germany wins you’ll receive 70 in winnings and a total bankroll of $80.

Under / Over Betting 

This is the style of betting where you’d look to see if the team will score under or over a specific amount of goals. For instance, the team might score 4 goals, and you place an over bet of 4.5 which means you’d lose the bet. So, how do you win? Here’s an example of a winning bet:

  • You placed a bet on France to score more than 3.5 goals. France scores 4 goals. You’ve won the bet as France scored more goals than the over bet you made.  

Handicap Betting

This is a little tricky to understand and can take some time to get used to. The handicap bet is one where you bet on how many goals a team will win or lose by. Let’s say the Handicap is +4.5. This means the team must score more than 5 or more goals to beat the handicap so that you can win the bet. 

Prop Bets

The prop bet is where you bet on if something will occur or not occur in a game. For instance, you bet on if there will be any fouls given during the game, or if a player will get given a card and or sent off during the game.

Sportsbook bonus for Handball 

There are a few bonuses and promotions available for players to take advantage of. There are welcome bonuses available for new people when they sign up. There are existing promotions for those who have been using the online sportsbook for a while. For those users who are new, you can get bonuses such as:

  • Match Bonus / Contribution Bonus
  • No deposit bonus 

The match bonus is a bonus that will give you a certain percentage of bonus money in relation to your deposit. For instance, a 100% bonus up to $100 means if you deposit $100 the online sportsbook will give you $100 free in bonus money. The final playable amount will be $200. The no deposit bonus is essentially free money. No deposits are needed to get the money and can be as much as $20. For existing users promotions are will look like this:

  • Place a $10 bet on handball and get $30 in free bets

The bonuses will always vary from different sportsbooks. Luckily for you here at SportsBettingGuide, we provide you with the best online sportsbooks with the best bonuses and promotions. 


Tip 1 — Know the Teams and Players

Before placing a bet learn about the teams and what players will be playing. Simply check out the teams form on how they’ve been playing recently and if they’re the underdog or favorite for the game. Check out if players are injured and not playing. It can hinder a team massively if their best player can’t play in a big match. Before games start, the team sheet will come out, and you can check with players who were selected to play.

Tip 2 — Bet on the Underdog 

The underdog usually has bigger odds and greater returns. If you're only betting occasionally then betting on the underdog can be extremely rewarding. Most people place large bets on the favorite to get back small returns, while in contrast, a smaller bet on the underdog can give you bigger returns. There have been countless occasions where the underdog shocked the world by beating the main team. This typically happens because the heavy favorites put out a weaker team to save main players for the big games. This also ties into tip 1 about knowing the teams and players.

Tip 3 — Place a Parlay Bet 

The parlay bet is always great if you want the odds to add up and have one massive payout at the end. These types of bets are much harder to win but if you get it right, you will win big. When placing this bet don’t go crazy putting on 8 plus teams as your likelihood of winning gets slimmer the more teams you add to the sheet. Instead, add a between 3 to 4 team on your parlay, and you’ll get a decent payout if it comes through.

Handball FAQ

  • Are Handball online sports betting legal in the US?

    It is legal to place online sports bets in states that have passed the law. Check out if your state allows online sports betting by reading the articles here on SportBettingGuide.
  • What online sportsbooks can I bet on for handball?

    There are a few popular online sportsbooks out there. Here are a few of those; BetMGM, BetRivers, DraftKings, Unibet, Bet 365.
  • Is betting on Handball a skill or just luck?

    It's a combination of both, where you need a certain level of luck. Skill plays a role, as well as pundits, need to do their research to place the right winning bets.
  • Can I add handball and soccer on the same parlay?

    In a parlay bet you can add bets from several sports. That means you can add soccer, football, boxing, handball, and every other sport on the planet to the betting slip.
  • What is the maximum bet I can place on Handball?

    The maximum bet depends on the online sportsbook and can vary massively depending on where you place the bet.

Final Thoughts on Handball Betting

Handball betting is an excellent sport to bet on, and will easily suit both novice bettors and pro bettors equally well. Handball is great if you are looking for a sport with more action, more goals and a much faster pace than many other sports are able to offer. With our simple betting guide to handball, you can start betting on handball right now at one of our recommended sports betting providers.