Fury vs Wilder 3 – What You Need To Know!

The biggest fight of the century, the one we’ve all been waiting for to unify the heavyweight division must be put on hold. Deontay Wilder’s team were convinced that a third fight was well within their legal right and the case went to arbitration. What does this mean for the Fury vs Joshua fight? A huge blow to everyone involved; the fans, the promoters, the organizers, and of course, the fighters themselves. One thing’s for certain, the Fury vs Wilder fight will be nothing short of entertaining and we expect a huge crowd to complete the fight trilogy.

Fury Favourite Again: Wilder Can’t Box

The only way Wilder can claim his title back is by way of knockout. Wilder can’t box, but his deadly right hand has proven to put anyone down on the canvas and is a showstopper to most. Fury will most probably work his jab throughout the fight, like we’ve seen him do in the first two fights, effectively keeping Wilder away and frustrating him in the process. Wilder will need to find ways to outsmart Fury and not rely solely on his right hand, although none have been able to thus far.

Betting on Tyson Fury is where the smart money is. If you’re looking for a safe bet, a simple $50 bet on Tyson Fury to win the fight likely return. Anything can happen in heavyweight boxing but judging by how Wilder got battered in their last fight, betting on Fury is the safest bet. Many believe a repeat of the last fight is what’s on the cards – and the odds for a Fury win by knockout are likely going to be low.

Odds for Wilder to knockout Tyson fury will likely be high so a $50 bet could bring in a hefty win, but Fury rose from the dead in the 12th round of the first fight, and knocking Fury out is proving to be harder than expected. Boxing experts and fans alike are convinced that Wilder cannot beat Fury on points, so from a betting perspective, it’s better to bet on Wilder to win by way of knockout rather than betting on Wilder to win the fight.

Of course, with the fight yet to be finalized yet, odds at bookmakers are spare but we will keep you in the loop as soon as they are live and you should check out our bookmakers to make sure you are ready when the markets open for betting.

Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder 3: Fight Details

A provisional date for July 24 has been reserved. The fight will take place in Las Vegas after an attempt to buy out Deontay Wilder failed and go ahead with plans for the Fury vs AJ fight.  

The American arbitrator has said that the fight must happen before September 15th, although all stakeholders believe the fight will take place before summer ends. There are several venues being considered for the fight trilogy, but the following are shortlisted; the Allegiant Stadium, home to NFL’s Las Vegas Raiders, or the popular T-Mobile Arena, NHL’s Las Vegas Golden Knights.

The First Two Fights: Tyson Fury in Control

The first fight was a display of boxing masterclass by the Gypsy King. Fury followed Wilder around the ring, using the double jab to push him against the ropes and unleashing power punches. As expected, Wilder went for bombs, missing the target on many occasions. However, Wilder connected with a straight right followed by a quick left hook which brought Fury down. Miraculously, Fury got up and finished the fight. The bout ended in a draw, although experts believed the fight should have ended as a Fury Win.

14 months later, Fury outclassed Wilder again, only that time, he dropped The Bronze Bomber twice, and the fight ended in a 7th round TKO. Wilder will get the chance to redeem himself once again this summer, or risk being forgotten.

Fury vs Wilder 3 : Fighter Profiles

Wilder Fury
6ft 7Height6ft 9
83 InReach85 In
Bronze BomberNicknameGypsy King

Fighting Styles & Betting Tips

The two heavyweight fighters have very different fighting styles. Fury is slick, moves like a flyweight, and fights with panache and finesse. The Bronze Bomber has a deadly weapon in his explosive right hand that has shown the devastating damage it can cause. Wilder will try to avoid letting the fight go to distance as this is his downfall, and this is where betting on rounds comes in. Betting on Wilder to knock out Tyson Fury in the first 6 rounds will have good odds on Wilders end. It’s important to keep in mind that Wilder has never finished a fight on points and should be taken into consideration when placing bets on the Fury vs Wilder fight.

Fury, on the other hand, is very experienced in taking fights to distance. His knockout ratio is nowhere close to Wilder’s impressive 95%, however, a KO or TKO is most likely the outcome of the third fight. Wilder becomes weaker as the fight goes on, becoming susceptible to Fury’s relentless pressure and if he connects the jab throughout the fight, it makes the knockout punch more likely. Stay tuned for odds in the coming days!