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Anthony Joshua vs. Tyson Fury Fight Guide

We’re awaiting one of the greatest boxing fights of our generation, and our patience is getting lower and lower. We want to see a boxing match full of excitement and thrill when we watch of these most anticipated fights of the year. This fight is definitely long overdue, and we can’t wait to see what it has in store for us. Scroll down below to see everything that we know about the fight until now. 

Fighter Profiles

Anthony Joshua

Full Name: Anthony Oluwafemi Olaseni Joshua

Nationality: United Kingdom

Stance: Orthodox

Age: 31

Height: 6’6” / 198cm

Reach: 82” / 208cm

Anthony Joshua’s record is 24-1-0 as he looks for his 25th win against Tyson Fury. Anthony Joshua won 22 (88%) of his fights via a knockout.

This fight would definitely be the most difficult one for AJ. However, he believes he’s going to do a good job against the Gypsy King. 

Tyson Fury

Full Name: Tyson Luke Fury

Nationality: United Kingdom

Stance: Orthodox

Age: 32

Height: 6’9” / 206cm

Reach: 85” / 216cm

Tyson Fury has a record of 30-0-1 and is looking for his 31st career win. The Gypsy King won 21 of his fights via a knockout, which is almost 68%.

Road to the Fight

Anthony Joshua’s road to the fight wasn’t as easy as some people are making it out to be. He fought Joseph Parker, Alexander Povetkin, Andy Ruiz twice, and Kubrat Pulev in his last five fights.

His fight against Parker was one of his few wins via a unanimous decision. The only loss in his career came from a fight against Andy Ruiz at Madison Square Garden. However, he got his revenge at the Diriyah Arena, where he secured victory via a unanimous decision. After he beat Kubrat Pulev, Joshua knew he was under a lot of pressure as the fight had been long overdue, so he finally said that it’s time to fight Fury.

Tyson Fury’s last five matches were against Francesco Pianeta, Deontay Wilder, Tom Schwarz, Otto Wallin, and then Deontay Wilder again. His only draw was the first fight against Wilder, where many experts believe he should’ve gotten the win anyways. Although he had the chance to get his victory at the rematch when he won pretty comfortably. He has been waiting for the Anthony Joshua fight for quite some time now.

Eddie Hearn was the one to mention that Joshua’s resume is far better than Fury’s. He believes that AJ fought a lot harder opponents and that Tyson Fury’s resume is laughable in comparison. We also think that Joshua’s opponents have been tougher, but we shouldn’t take anything away from Fury’s record.

The Fight Contract

The fighters agreed to a two-fight deal. The first fight is supposed to happen in July, while the second one is said to occur right before Christmas. Both parties are expecting to make about $200 million for the first clash, and for now, we know that the first match will be a 50-50 split between the fighters, while the rematch will be a 60-40 split as the winner will be getting the higher share. 

Where and When?

Eddie Hearn mentioned that both fighters agreed on the site where the fight will take place. Of course, he was a bit hesitant to reveal the exact location. However, it is believed that the fight will take place in Saudi Arabia, at the Diriyah Arena, where Joshua got his rematch against Ruiz. Many English fans would be very sad to hear this, as it is more logical to see the all-British bout happen in the UK. Money will always be a factor in situations like this.

Even though Saudi Arabia is the frontrunner to host the big event, London is not out of the question. Hearn revealed the 24th of July as the date if London beats the odds. However, we’ll have to wait and see what happens. The rematch would happen right before Christmas.

We don’t know the exact ticket prices for now, but we believe that the ringside VIP tickets will cost around $500.

  • If you’re in the US, you will be able to watch the fight on ESPN as Fury has a contract with them, while DAZN has been airing Joshua’s recent bouts.
  • If you’re in the UK, the fight will be available as a joint pay-per-view as both BT Sports and Sky Sports have the rights to host the event.

The pay-per-view is expected to cost around $30. 

Who do the experts think is going to win?

Many experts weighed in on the fight and had their say about who’s going to walk away with a win. Let’s see what some of them had to say about the match.

Peter Fury (Fury’s uncle and former trainer) mentioned that Anthony Joshua has the tools to knock Tyson Fury out. Peter said that both fighters are great punchers, and this could go either way. He also added that both AJ and Fury are up for it, and we’re all waiting for a fantastic fight.

David Haye (Former Heavyweight Champion) places his bet on Joshua. He believes that AJ is walking away with a victory due to his physical superiority. Haye mentioned that Joshua is more ‘athletically gifted’; therefore, he will take the win here. Although, he believes that Joshua can’t take the win if the fight goes to a decision.

Mike Tyson also had his say on the fight. “It’s very interesting. Joshua is a masterful puncher. But you can see his punches coming. He telegraphs his punches.”

“And that is just a recipe for disaster if you’re fighting Tyson Fury and you’re telegraphing your punches – to a guy who’s 6ft 7in, come on.”

Andy Ruiz Jr. also had his say on the fight. "I feel if Joshua doesn't box around - like he did to me - and goes forward, throws his combinations, I think Anthony will pull out the victory." Even though Andy Ruiz has beaten AJ in their first match, he picks him to win the battle against Fury.

George Foreman picked Tyson Fury in his prediction. "That boy Tyson Fury, you’re going to have to bring everything you’ve got to beat him. "I’m going to be honest with you - I just can’t see Joshua beating him.”

Dillian Whyte lost the fight against AJ back in 2015, but couldn’t quite make a prediction.  “I have no idea who wins the fight, man. “I think it’s a 50/50 fight. “It’s crazy, in heavyweight boxing there’s a lot of things going on. “We’ll have to wait and see.”

What happens after the fight?

Well, we definitely know that the two fighters will still be on top of the boxing world no matter the winner. We would still be thrilled to see the rematch. While we can’t know what will happen, we know a few possible outcomes.

If AJ gets the win, he will definitely look to take the double and try to become the GOAT of his generation. There are a few excellent fighters Joshua hasn’t faced, and he would look to defend the belt from them.

While a Tyson Fury victory would certainly put him on the top. He would be unrivaled for a while, and there are a few fighters that have the slightest chance of taking the belts from him. Although, we’ll have to wait and see what happens in this fight.


We’ll be looking at the best odds from our bookmakers to help you know the best offer. Not all bookmakers have odds for a draw, but we’ll still put it in.

The best odds for a Tyson Fury win are -175 (UK 4/7), giving the Gypsy King a win probability of around 67 percent. The best odds for a draw are +2200 (UK 22/1), while the best odds for a Joshua victory are +160 (UK 8/5), giving him a win probability of around 39 percent. We can notice that the bookmakers are making Tyson Fury the favorites, but not by that much.

Some other interesting bets would be a AJ on points bet, and the odds for this would be +650. Although, we wouldn’t recommend this one as if the fight does go the distance, Fury will be the winner.

If you’re looking to guess in which round the fight is going to be finished, the odds are ranging from +2300 to +3000 depending on the round you choose.

The odds for an under 10.5 bet are -124, while the odds for an over 10.5 bet would be -104, and both of these give you something to think about.


 We can only expect an epic battle between the two. We believe that if this fight does go the distance, Tyson Fury must take the win over AJ, but Joshua has the chance to knock him out, which will surely be his main goal in this fight. You can never know who will win in a fight like this, but just like Peter Fury and David Haye mentioned, we believe that Joshua can knock out Fury. Our prediction goes to an Anthony Joshua victory via a TKO.


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