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Where can you use MuchBetter in US Sportsbooks

There are lots of great e-wallet services out there, but MuchBetter is one of the fastest-growing. Its popularity has increased rapidly since it launched in 2016, offering users a fast and simple payment service

What is MuchBetter?

MuchBetter is a UK-based company licensed by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Though this e-wallet app is based in the United Kingdom, it’s available for different countries, including Canada. Most probably, the reason MuchBetter has risen so quickly is that it uses one of the most sophisticated security technologies, such as dynamic security codes and fingerprints, to protect its users. 

MuchBetter Facts

  • MuchBetter is designed to be used through a mobile device, with a dedicated app to make fast and simple payments.
  • Making deposits using MuchBetter is generally free, although you may be charged when receiving money through a withdrawal.
  • The MuchBetter mobile app allows you to track your spending and set budgets.
  • MuchBetter users can get access to exclusive sports betting and casino bonuses when using the service to make deposits.
  • A growing number of online sportsbooks and other gambling sites are starting to accept MuchBetter as a payment option.

How MuchBetter Works and How You Can Use It 

MuchBetter is an e-wallet application that offers users swift and safe payment services. Many sportsbooks accept MuchBetter, so you can load your account directly from your smartphone and deposit funds to any betting platforms you’re active on. Below are 3 simple steps on how you can start using MuchBetter: 

  • Download App - The first step is to download the app from the App Store or Google Play
  • Create Your Account - Next, you need to create and fund your account. 
  • Start Spending - You can now spend your deposited funds in any way you want - sportsbooks and any other platforms. 

How Do I Deposit Using MuchBetter? 

Now that you know what MuchBetter is and how to get started, how do you deposit funds in your account? Below is a step-by-step guide that should help real-quick: 

  1. The first step is to log into your gaming site account >> Enter the cashier >> Choose MuchBetter as a deposit method. 
  2. Enter your correct phone number - [your country code][your phone number without the “0”
  3. Start the deposit and then wait for a request, prompting you to approve the deposit. 
  4. Approve the deposit if you have enough funds. 
  5. Top-up if you have insufficient funds. If this is the case, your betting transaction will remain pending until the top-up is complete.

How Do I Withdraw Using MuchBetter? 

  1. Log into your sportsbooks account >> Enter the cashier >> Choose MuchBetter as a withdrawal method. 
  2. Key in your mobile number. Start with your country code and omit the “0.” For example, 1xxxxxXXXXXX for US users. 
  3. Start the withdrawal and wait for the merchant to review it. 
  4. Once your merchant has reviewed your withdrawal request, they’ll send it to MuchBetter, and this could take 10 minutes or even a few business days. 
  5. You will receive funds once the Merchant has approved your withdrawal and has instructed MuchBetter to avail your funds. 

All withdrawals will be completed through your MuchBetter account. Contact your merchant to see if there are any delays so that you can know what’s causing the delays.

Advantages of Using MuchBetter

  1. Convenience - You don’t have to go through a very complex process to set up your MuchBetter account - you are ready in 5 minutes or less. That means that you can deposit and start betting on your favorite sports almost immediately. 
  2. Security - Unlike every other e-wallet, MuchBetter does better in ensuring their users are safe through sophisticated technologies, such as dynamic security codes, touch ID, etc. Best of all, MuchBetter uses a unique CVV for its MasterCard, meaning you’ll never use the same CVV more than once.
  3. Reward Points - You’ll earn more points and even win some decent prizes as long as you use MuchBetter continuously. For every $100 or more, you earn points. Best of all, MuchBetter has a mega draw where you stand a chance to win a vacation. 
  4. Lower Fees - MuchBetter offers lower fees than most of its competitors. Making and receiving payments to and from merchants is free. Best of all, you can send and request gifts for free.  

Disadvantages of MuchBetter

  1. Geo-Restricted - Unfortunately, MuchBetter is unavailable in some countries, and this can be downright frustrating if your country falls on the list. Please check if they list your country among the geo-restricted regions from this report. 
  2. Wire Transfer’s Minimum is Overwhelming - Wire transfers have a huge minimum - $250, limiting many users. Even worse, the rate starts at $50 and an additional 2 percent. 

How Secure is MuchBetter? 

MuchBetter is one of the best e-wallet apps that takes the security of its users seriously. It uses various security technologies, including dynamic passcode generation, authentication elements, a unique CVV, touch IDs, and device pairing to protect its users from online fraud. 

MuchBetter prevents fraud against its users by using various user authentication methods, giving zero chance to fraudsters. 

Additionally, MuchBetter goes further to authenticate users beyond their payment information and pairing your account with your smartphone. It also makes your data available to merchants to fight fraudsters and carry out their due diligence activities effectively. 

Notable Limits on MuchBetter

When you create your MuchBetter account, there will be a limit of $2500 on your account. However, you will make up to $4,500 transactions every day, $22,500/ month, and up to $90,000 every year once you verify your identity.

MuchBetter FAQ

  • Why use MuchBetter for My Sportsbook Transactions?

    MuchBetter is ideal for online sportsbook deposits and withdrawals because it’s fast, easy to use, and can be done from a mobile. It also has lower fees than a lot of other e-wallet services.
  • Which Sportsbooks Accept MuchBetter?

    A couple of sportsbooks accept MuchBetter, including Betway, LeoVegas, 888Sport, Paddy Power, Betsson, etc. In short, any sportsbook site with the MuchBetter icon accepts MuchBetter for transactions.
  • How Long Does MuchBetter Take?

    MuchBetter processes withdrawals within 3-5 working days, i.e., from Monday to Friday. However, this could take longer, especially when you make your withdrawal requests on public holidays or during the weekends.
  • Is MuchBetter Safe?

    Yes, MuchBetter is one of the safest e-wallets for your sportsbook transactions. It uses various security technologies to ensure its users transact securely online. Some security features it uses include a unique and dynamic CVV, device pairing, touch ID, security codes, etc.
  • How do I pay with MuchBetter?

    To pay with MuchBetter, you need to login into your sportsbook account and choose MuchBetter as the deposit method you want to use. Next, start the deposit and wait for a prompt to approve the deposit. Approve the prompts to pay with MuchBetter.