US Open – Outsider Betting Picks

Looking for some ideas for golf betting this month and beyond? Then you might want to focus on the US Open. The tournament looks pretty certain to be a cracker. Everyone has their own favorite, whilst we all know the primary favorites. The joy of golf, though, is how often we see a lower ranked player go all the way and win something special. In the 2021 US Open, we can see quite a few shocks happening – a grueling year and the pressure of winning a Major gets players tense, after all.

Who, then, can we see being a good bet for a US Open outsider? All of our recommended sportsbooks are setting up nicely for this event offering a ton of different betting markets.

Torrey Pines
Beautiful view at Torrey Pines

Who is going to push the button at Torrey Pines for the US Open?

Tony Finau

A good bet for anyone might be Tony Finau. Finau has enjoyed a good year, but has a patchy record at the showpiece event. He has previously made the tie for 14th spot, and was unable to make the cut in 2016 or in 2019. His best performance came in 2020, when he was tied for 8th. He’s coming into this tournament with a decent showing – he’s picking up a good level of performance, and his run at the Farmer’s Market tournament – tying for 2nd in February 4th in 2017, and 6th in both 2018 and 2020 – makes him a decent bet going into this one.

He’s got a decent enough set of odds, though lower than we want at +2100 and it's gone down quite a bit over the last week.

If you have any question to what the +2100 represents, check out our page on US betting odds here.

Viktor Hovland

Hovland is a solid golfer, making a big name for himself domestically in Norway and slowly but surely across the European spectrum. Despite winning the 2018 US Amateur, though, he’s yet to go all the way and win a major US event outside of the 2020 Puerto Rico Open.

He’s a good shout for this, with odds of around +2700 making him a good bet for many people. He came 2nd in the Farmers Market event just there. His problem in these events comes down to an inconsistent short game and putting. If he can avoid as much trouble as possible at the US Open and get the putter going, he could be in for a good week.

Hovland's work on the green will be key

This, though, would be his first chance to really make a big difference at the tournament. He’s come tied for 12th and 13th in 2019 and 2020, and this tournament would be the ideal chance to really look to add a major tournament to an already impressive record overall.

Corey Conners

At +7000, Conners is the definition of a long shot – but he’s got a better chance than you might assume from those high-up odds. He’s currently 36th in the world, and is making a big difference to his game with every tournament. We all know how big a deal confidence is to a golfer, and for that reason we can see Conners having a good tournament – at the moment, he is positively flying in terms of self-belief.

The 29-year-old Canadian is growing all the time, but he’s never had the chance to really compete at the US Open. Indeed, he failed to make the half-way cut in 2020 and has not competed at the tournament ever since. However, Top 10 showings in the 2020 and 2012 Master’s Tournament, coming 8th and 10th respectively, shows a player who is growing and has every chance of doing something notable here.

There are some intriguing names entering into the US Open this year, but if you are looking for some intriguing golf betting based on this tournament we recommend starting here. There’s definitely some value to be found if you look closely at the sheer volume of talent behind the very elite.

US Open Betting Card

Corey Conner + 7000

Justin Thomas +2300

We're putting a bet on Conners as an outsider, he's a solid ball striker and if he can put together a whole week of the play which has him set at 36th in the world, the +7000 odds is just too good.

Another good bet at this time we feel is Justin Thomas at +2300, sure he's struggled a bit in recent months and at the moment he's considered more of an outsider. But a player as good as Thomas can come back into top form at any time, and JT always comes back.

Golf FAQ

  • Is Online Sports betting on golf legal in the US?

    It is 100% legal to make online sports bets on golf within the US as long as you're within a state that allows sports betting. Luckily for you, online sports betting is being adopted by states that previously did not allow sports betting.
  • What is the best golfer to place a bet on?

    There is no best player to bet on. However, you can always check out the top 10 ranked players in the world and check which tournament they are good at. This way you can increase your winnings by betting on these players.
  • Can I win lots of money betting on golf?

    This is a difficult question to answer. However, the short answer is yes you can win big. The flip side is that you can also lose big. Ensure to understand the game well and use the tips we’ve provided here today to increase your winning chances.
  • What is the hardest golf course to play?

    This can be debated by several people using several courses. Our opinion is that Augusta National is the hardest one.
  • What’s the maximum bet I can place on golf?

    The maximum bet would depend on the sportsbook. This information can be provided to you by the sportsbooks you’ve chosen to place your bets at.

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