Early NFL Superbowl Betting Predictions for 2022

With the Superbowl still some way away, NFL fans and sports fans in general are beginning to slowly get hyped. Like any other season, the excitement starts to build as we begin to see various teams pick up the pace and look good to go all the way. However, if you trying to pick out a Superbowl winner, you might want to look a little closer at the market. As part of our betting guide, we don’t have a clear runaway favorite for the 2022 showpiece event. Why?

Because, put simply, we don’t see enough value for our punters at the moment. This is a betting guide, after all; we want you to walk away with a few more bucks in your back pocket!

While we clearly value the Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers to contest the Superbowl, their value versus their actual chances of winning don’t (yet) stack up in a way we are happy with. We have, though, placed some faith in the following five teams to offer good value compared to the odds given at the moment..

Early NFL Superbowl Betting Predictions for 2022

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Baltimore Ravens +1400

The Baltimore Ravens have more than a decent chance of making a big impression this year, too. They have a solid team, and their selection of Rashod Bateman in the draft has proven to be one of their smartest moves in a long, long time. He looks to have the capacity to really push this team further.

The big worry for Ravens fans stems from an over-reliance on Lamar Jackson as if he keeps running so much it could leave him with not enough juice in the tank to really dominate when the Superbowl itself actually comes around into view.

Buffalo Bills +1300

Despite having relative long shot odds, though, the Buffalo Bills are definitely a team to look at closely this year. +1300 odds are a good bet for a team with a maverick like Josh Allen, who has enjoyed a spectacular season and threw 37 touchdowns in total.

The Bills have made some big roster improvements, too, with the team containing quality like Jacob Hollister, Daryl Williams, and Matt Milano. There’s ample talent in this Bills team. They might not be seen as an outright favourite by most experts, but they have a solid chance of really making a big impression in 2022.

Indianapolis Colts + 2500

NFL Superbowl Picks

When Philip Rivers retired, the hope was that Carson Wentz could offer them a similar level of output and keep the good times rolling. To be blunt, though, Wentz hasn’t done the intended damage. The team itself looks pretty decent, but the constant shifting around their starters in the last few years has caused a lack of stability that could be just enough to stop them having the chance of going all the way.

The arrival of Sam Tevi and Xavier Rhodes returning has been a positive for the Colts, and they’ve continued the slow-but-steady work that impressed last-season.

New Orleans Saints +2500

The Saints are in an odd position, with the majority of their best players approaching the end of their peaks and/or their careers. However, the loss of Drew Brees has been a major impact in why some Saints fans are so down on their chances.

The team still has enough talent to compete on a nightly basis, though, and their need to make good on the ageing contracts of some of their most important players could really see them surprise a few. However, despite having a solid defense and low turnover rates, it’s hard to see them packing the offence to be considered anything other than an outside shot, but the +2500 does hold value.

Green Bay Packers +1600

We weren’t sure whether or not to include them due to the trade talks of Rodgers, but the Packers have a solid chance of making going deep in the playoffs, with Matt LaFleur making a massive impression. His outstanding defensive systems are built on the nous of the likes of Mike Pettine, though there is a desire to really try and go the full way this year as it might be the last year we see Aaron Rodgers in a Green Bay uniform, if at all.

If he does end up staying we think there’s a fair chance Green Bay Packers make another run at the Lombardi trophy, and at the moment different bookmakers are still favoring that outcome.

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